We at NLM believe:

We believe the Bible to be the inspired Word of God.
We believe that our God is one and that He expresses himself as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
We believe that all mankind has sinned and must personally accept the work of the Lord Jesus Christ as reconciliation for the penalty of those sins.
We believe that Jesus, the Son of God, came in the flesh, was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life with his sacrifice on the cross being complete for the atonement of sin.
We believe in repentance, water baptism, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit evidenced by speaking in other tongues, great joy, and walking in love.
We believe the Lord Jesus will return to the earth for judgement, that all believers will live for eternity in heaven, and all unbelievers will be judged and eternally separated from God.
We believe there is only one church, and that God does not recognize denominational barriers, but finds faithful believers in every Christian denomination to form the one true body of Christ.